Our Roots : Pickens Hollow Financial Group, LLC | Suwanee, GA

Our Roots

Pickens Hollow Financial Group was named after a community of just 30,000 people, and in a place where everyone knows your name, you simply can’t go back on your word. Where we come from, people mean what they say. More than that, they follow through and act on it. Neighbors don’t take advantage of each other, and people put their values ahead of monetary gain.

We may live in a larger city now, but we’re sticking to our roots. We believe the values you learn when you’re young shape and mold who you are, and we’re proud to carry the authenticity of small-town living with us wherever we go. To us, Pickens Hollow means being clear about your intentions, direct with your words, and honest in your communication. We know that in larger communities, professionals can operate anonymously and get away with things they might not in a small town—but our values are engrained in us and we won’t compromise them, no matter where we do business. We’re committed to our clients and putting their needs first, and we’ll always tell the truth when it comes to your best interest.

We were raised to be honest, direct, and genuine, and we’re not giving that up. If you’re looking for someone to guide you with your best interest at heart, you’ve come to the right place—welcome to Pickens Hollow.